1 pound of pork or chicken
2 garlic
1 minced onion
4 hard boiled eggs
2 salad tomatoes
* Grated cheese
* Tomato sauce <- recipe * Tanning
* Ground black pepper
* English sauce
3 minced cloves
1/2 green chile
2 cups of maseca
* Annie
* Salt



The Salvadoran Enchiladas are already part of our gastronomy and they enjoy themselves very well at dinner time (generally), although they can still be enjoyed for lunch. Their process seems complicated but in reality it is quite simple, and here we tell you how to do them at home. Put in 2 liters of water, to cook the meat or the chicken, let it froth or until it is well cooked. Then add tomato, onion, aromatic herbs, garlic, onion. All well minced. When it is already well blandita (meat or chicken), take it out and chop it as to salpicon (in very small pieces). Apart, in a pan, sauté in a little oil: a minced tomato, onion, green chili, 1 garlic (divided into two halves), and when it is fried, toss the meat or the minced chicken to cool very well and take a golden color, add pepper, salt, cloves, and a splash of English sauce. This is what gives it the flavor! Leave it for about 15 minutes to cook everything. Apart, undo the dough and add the achiote, and a little salt or if you wish, season it with a little bit of beef or chicken consommé (depending on what type of meat you are going to use). Heat the oil, and make the tortillas as thin as you can, and put them to fry. Drain them in paper towel. Then, assemble the enchilada with each tortilla: put a little meat, seasoned, salsa, grated cheese, a slice of tomato, and two hard-boiled eggs and enjoy. There is also the most popular and much simpler option: enchiladitas de frijolitos re-fritos, avocado, grated or tanned cheese – whatever you prefer.
Source: Salvadoran Recipes ♥ https://www.recetassalvadorenas.com/receta/enchiladas-salvadorenas/

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